Each month LABMUNDO-Rio organizes a plenary session to discuss its research agenda. At your right you can find the recent history of these plenaries as well as the those of the current year. All plenary sessions are held on Mondays, always at IESP-UERJ (Rua da Matriz, 82 – Botafogo), from 10.30 to 12.30 am.

Labmundo-Rio 2019 – Plenary sessions

– 03/18 – 10h-13h.
Boletim Conjuntura
Debate over the following texts  Pauselli ; Roberts
Laurie’s Research Project presentation

-04/29, 10h-13h.
Boletim Conjuntura
Hugo and Murilo book chapter’s presentation
Bruna and Juliana book chapter’s presentation

– 05/06, 10h-13h.
Renata book chapter’s presentation
Pablo and Rubens book chapter’s presentation
Patricia and Roger book chapter’s presentation

– 05/27, 10h-13h
Danielle book chapter’s presentation
Leonardo and Tiago book chapter’s presentation

Hugo Thesis’s Project presentation

– 06/24, 10h-13h.
Boletim Conjuntura

Debate over the following text: Christopher I. Clement (Organic Intellectuals and the Discourse on Democracy: Academia, Foreign Policy Makers, and Third World Intervention)

Salvador Seminar feedback and evaluation

Labmundo-Rio 2018 – Plenary sessions


-Debate over the following texts:
a) International Law and Its Discontents: Rethinking the Global South (Author(s): Balakrishnan Rajagopal, 7 pages).
b) Locating the Global South in the Theorisation of the Cold War: Capitalist Development, Social Revolution and Geopolitical Conflict (Author(s): Richard Saull, 27 p.).

-Renata Albuquerque presents the current state of it’s phD thesis results.


-Debate over the following texts:

After the Third World? History, Destiny and the Fate of Third Worldism –  Mark T. Berger

Requiem or New Agenda for Third World Studies? – Tony Smith

– Juliana Luiz presents the current state of it’s phD thesis results. (after Research Field in Rome-Italy)

– Hugo Bras presents the results of it’s experince over the UN mission in NY.
-Debate over the following texts: (presented by Roger) :
Why the Third World Matters – Steven R. David
Where is the Third World Now? – Caroline Thomas

-Debate over the following texts: (presented by Juliana Lemos):
2nd Semester
-Debate over the following text: A. Quijano, Colonialidade do poder, Eurocentrismo e América Latina, (presented by Patrícia Barros):

-Rubens Duarte  presents an article project with Carlos Milani about norms and emergent powers.

-Debate over the following text: Walter Mignolo (“Después de América Latina: la herida colonial y la transformación epistémica geopolítico-corporal”), presented by Bruna.
– Hugo presents it’s phD thesis project.
-Debate over the following text: “Una reflexión sobre práticas y discursos descolonizadores” Ch’ixinakax utxiwa (presented by Pablo).
– Article’s presentation (Labmundo’s book project) by  Leonardo and Tiago.



-Debate over the following text: Los países del Sur en Naciones Unidas, Melanie Albaret and Guillaume Devin (presented by Hugo).

– Article’s presentation (Labmundo’s book project) by  Renata Albuquerque.

Labmundo-Rio 2015 – Plenary sessions


Presentation by Pablo Saturnino B. Rezende: Results of his experience during the field research in South Africa.

Robert Cox’s contribution to the advance in critical theories in IR, presented by Juliana Pinto e Bruna.


Rubens Duarte presents the current state of it’s phD thesis results.

Debates over the following texts (presented by Tássia):

– “Comprendre les données internationales avant tout traitement graphique”, de Benoit Martin.

– “The Future of Field Experiments in IR”, de Susan Hyde.



Debates over the following texts (presented by Juliana Luiz):

– “A Note on the Uses of Official Statistics”, de John I. Kitsuse e Aaron V. Cicourel.

– “Introduction. La statistique, outil de gouvernement et outil de preuve”, de Alain Desrosières.

Danielle Costa presents the current state of it’s phD thesis result


Leandro Conde presents the current state of it’s mater’s thesis and his phD thesis’ project.

Debates over the following texts (presented by Timoteo):

– “Civil Society in IDC: in search for data”, de R. Peels e P. Develtere.

– “Introducing Archigos”, de Henk Goemans et al.

There were no Labmundo-Rio’s plenary sessions in 2017, due to the coordinator research at UC-Berkeley (senior CAPES’ scholorship).

Labmundo-Rio 2016 – Plenary sessions


Debate over the following texts:

FERNANDEZ, Mercedes et al. (orgs.). La construcción del codesarrollo. Madri: Los Libros de la Catarata, 2008.
Chapters 1, 2, 3 (theory and metholody); Chapter 8 and conclusion.


Refugees: The Syrian case

Debate over the following texts:

WB data over european refuge: http://blogs.worldbank.org/peoplemove/europes-disgrace

DE LUCAS, J (1996), Puertas que se cierran. Europa como fortaleza, Barcelona, Icaria

MsF report: http://www.msf.org.br/sites/default/files/relatorio_siria_2015_0.pdf


14h: Europe Facing with the Refugee Crisis
Catherine Wihtol de Wenden (CERI Sciences-Po, Paris)


New refuges modalities: enviromental refugees

Debate over the following texts:


Véran, Noal e Fainstat: “Nem Refugiados, nem Migrantes: A Chegada dos Haitianos à Cidade de Tabatinga (Amazonas) “, Dados: http://www.scielo.br/pdf/dados/v57n4/0011-5258-dados-57-04-1007.pdf

BORRAS_Refugiados Ambientales_2006

Each-for-Project_Desplazados medioamb_2007

Ecologia Politica_Desplazados ambientales_2007

Myers_Refugiados medioamb_2005


Migrations in Latin America

PNUD,  Movilidad y desarrollo humanos, 2009’s report: http://hdr.undp.org/sites/default/files/hdr_2009_es_complete.pdf

IOM report over migrations (https://www.iom.int/es).



World Bank report: (http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/BX.TRF.PWKR.CD.DT)

IOM report (http://publications.iom.int/bookstore/free/WMR2013_SP.pdf)