Conjuntura Labmundo

LABMUNDO’s Conjuntura Internacional was a newsletter that we published between 2013 and 2016, monitoring newspapers articles on the following issues: South-South cooperation, development cooperation (South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, China, Turkey and India), Brazilian foreign policy, emerging powers and new global coalitions, Brazil-Africa relations, and global governance reform.

The following names took part in its last editorial team:

Renata Albuquerque- Coordinator Rio de Janeiro

Tássia Carvalho – Coordinator and design director

Juliana Luiz- Content contributor

Leandro Conde- Content contributor

Lívia Avelhan- Content contributor

Leonildes Nazar- Content contributor

Alana Camoça- Content contributor

Bruna Soares- Content contributor

At your right you can download bulletins from 2013 to 2016 (all in Portuguese). After LATITUDE SUL’s launching, a new bulletin was created and since January 2017 LABMUNDO has contributed to its development: Conjuntura Latitude Sul.


2016 | n.24

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