Foreign Policy, Regionalism and International Cooperation in a Pandemic Scenario: A Project in Partnership with CAPES Print

The project is coordinated by Carlos Milani, Labmundo coordinator, Leticia Pinheiro, NEAAPE coordinator, and Maria Regina Soares de Lima, OPSA coordinator. As a result of the pandemic, some agendas have been changed – and are now being organized only digitally. Over the coming months, we will be disseminating various forms of material, including webinars, texts and videos, on various agendas that cover foreign policy, regionalism and international cooperation. The official website of the project can be found at:


July Schedule – 2020

June Schedule – 2020

I. OMS e Multilateralismo

1. Entrevista com Dirceu Greco

2. Links interessantes e artigo “Globalização da Saúde Pública: a Organização Mundial da Saúde e a cooperação na América do Sul”

3. Webinar: Ordem Global e desafios para o multilateralismo:

II. América do Sul

1. Webinar “América do Sul e a pandemia 2020”, com Monica Hirst e Juan Tokatlian (22/06/20)

2. Entrevista com Paulo Velasco (UERJ):

3. Cartografia Temática

May Schedule – 2020:

I) International Cooperation

Interview with Professor Bertrand Badie:

2. Interesting links about International Cooperation

3. Thematic Cartography Collection 

II. Global Health

1.  Interview with Nísia Trindade (Fiocruz President)