• 13 de julho de 2020

    Launch of the 2nd edition of the “Development and Social Issue” dictionary

    The 2nd edition of the “Thematic Dictionary on Development and Social Issues: 110 contemporary issues” is available (only in Portuguese). Organized by Anete Ivo (Coordinator), Elsa Kraychete, Denise Vitale, Cristiana Mercuri, Angela Borges and Stella Senes, the first edition was revised and expanded, welcoming 114 authors from 40 universities (From Brazil and abroad) around 110 thematic entries.

    In this issue, 14 Labmundo researchers sign the following entries:

    Carlos R. S. Milani – International Development Cooperation

    Daniel Maurício Cavalcanti de Aragón – UN and the Development Agenda

    Daniele Benzi – Development and Integration of Latin America

    Denise Vitale – Public Sphere, Democracy and Social Inequalities

                             Cosmopolitism, Democracy and Civil Society

    Elga Lessa – North-South Cooperation

                         South-South Cooperation

    Elsa Sousa Kraychete – Civil Society and Development

                                           Microfinance and Poverty

    Enara Echart – Human Rights and South-South Cooperation

    José Aurivaldo Sacchetta Mendes – International Migration

    Maria Elisa Huber Pessina – Effectiveness – International Development Assistance

    Tiago Matos – Land Foreignization

    Tiago Nery – ECLAC – Concept of development