• 16 de dezembro de 2019

    Labmundo director will give a course on Climate Change at IESP/UERJ in 2020/1

    In the semester 2020/1, the coordinator of Labmundo will teach a course on Climate Change in the postgraduate Political Science of Iesp / UERJ, in cooperation with prof. José Mauricio Domingues. The discipline will take place on Tuesdays between 16h and 19h. The (preliminary) menu can be accessed here.

  • 5 de dezembro de 2019

    Teaching internship opportunity in UERJ elective “Environment and International Relations”

    We disclose here the teaching plan of the discipline of “Environment and International Relations” (undergraduate / UERJ), for which the coordinator of Labmundo, prof. Carlos Milani, seeks two teaching interns.

    Milani seeks two teaching interns to work in two directed studies each (ie two Fridays each). If you have any questions, you can speak directly with Professor Milani (crsmilani@iesp.uerj.br).

  • 3 de dezembro de 2019

    Labmundo Researcher publishes report on challenges to women in field research in other countries

    Political scientist Renata Albuquerque, LABMUNDO researcher, recently published in Horizontes do Sul a text on the challenges to women in field research in other countries:

    “Although field research requires a strong readiness of researchers in general, there are some questions that arise when analyzing how societies react to women in the position of researchers. This report / manual stems from the uneasiness to perceive when talking to my fellow researchers, above all men, how much intersectionality appears as a fundamental element for the accomplishment or not of a field research”.


    Photo: Renata Ribeiro

    Based on his travels to Mozambique and South Africa, Albuquerque spells out three general lines of advice to fellow academics regarding interview planning, local culture and job security. Read more here.